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Saturday, 13 August 2011

England Deserving Champions of Test Cricket

There it is! England have reached the pinnacle of test cricket. A goal they have built toward slowly and surely over the past six years.

Historically test match cricket domination has been built on bowling strengths. While India have had their months in the sunshine, this England side certainly looks set to hold the crown for a few years. With a bowling attack second to none, England will be hard to displace at the top.

The Dhoni era of infallibility has ended with a rude thud. The time to consider a range of questions is upon India. The manager and captain get much credit and stick in cricket. Is this then the perfect time for the leadership to commence the rebuilding process?

In India's case there will be a spate of theories clogging cricketsphere. Too much cricket, too much money, too much adulation, too little drive, too old. The IPL schedule and BCCI's issues with the DRS will also find their way into explaining India's miserable humiliation.

Be that as it may, this is the opportunity to recognize the England team, the leadership and some very fine individual performers. The balance of this team and the quality of it's all-rounders is easily the best.

Congratulations England! You deserve the crown.

Looking forward to the Oval.

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